Course Requirements

Course Credit Requirements

At least 20 credits in 800 and 900 level courses and a minimum of 24 credits of doctoral dissertation research (GEN 999) are required. The following categories (I, II, III, IV, V) of requirements must be completed.

I. Complete each of the following: BMB 801 - Molecular Biology (3 credits, Fall) Either MMG 833 - Microbial Genetics (3 credits, Fall) or MMG/GEN 835 - Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics (3 credits, Spring) GEN 810 - Theory and Practice of Teaching Genetics (1 credit/semester) One credit is required, students may accumulate a maximum of 3 credits

II. Complete one genomics, quantitative or computational biology course. A course from the following list typically fulfills this requirement. However, other courses as well as appropriate workshops or on-line courses may also be acceptable at the discretion of the Genetics Program Director.

BMB 961 - Genomics and Proteomics of Complex Genetic Systems (2 credits, Fall even years)

CMSE 801 - Introduction to Computational Modeling (3 credits, Spring)

CMSE 802 – Methods in Computational Modeling (3 credits, Fall)

CSE 801 - Computational Science for Evolutionary Biologists (3 credits, Fall)

CSS 941 - Quantitative Genetics in Plant Breeding (3 credits, Spring even years)

EPI 808 - Biostatistics I (3 credits, Fall)

EPI 808B - Advanced Biostatistics (3 credits, Fall)

EPI 853B - Statistical Computing (3 credits, Fall)

EPI 855 - Biostatistical Modeling in Genomic Data Analysis (3 credits, Fall)

EPI 880 - Selected Topics in Biostatistics: Analysis & Prediction of Complex Traits Using Whole-Genome Regression Methods (3 credits, Summer)

FW 849 - Applied Bayesian Inference Using Monte Carlo Methods for Quantitative Biologists (3 credits, Fall even years)

IBIO 851 - Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution (3 credits, Fall)

PLB 810 - Theories & Practices in Bioinformatics (3 credits, Fall even years)

PLB 812 - Principles and Applications of Plant Genomics (3 credits, Fall)

PHM 830 - Experimental Design and Data Analysis (3 credits, Fall, Summer)

STT 814 - Advanced Statistics for Biologists (4 credits, Spring)

STT 855 - Statistical Genetics (3 credits, Fall odd years)

III. Complete one other course in genetics. A course from the following list typically fulfills this requirement. A second course from List II may also fulfill this requirement. Other courses may also be acceptable at the discretion of the Genetics Program Director.

ENT 851 - Insect Physiology and Molecular Biology (3 credits, Fall odd years)

FW 828 - Molecular Ecology & Conservation Genetics (3 credits, Fall even yrs)

IBIO 855 - Molecular Evolution: Principles & Techniques (3 credits, Fall odd yrs)

MMG 813 - Molecular Virology (3 credits, Spring even years)

MMG 833 - Microbial Genetics (3 credits, Fall)*

MMG 835 - Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics (3credits, Spring)*

MMG 861 - Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis (3 credits, Spring odd years)

PLB 849 - Evolutionary Biology (3 credits, Spring)

PLB 856 - Plant Molecular and Omic Biology (3 credits, Spring)

PLB 865 - Plant Growth and Development (3 credits, Fall even years)

PLP 881 - Molecular & Biochemical Plant Pathology (3 credits, Spring)

PLP 884 - Prokaryotic Diseases of Plants (3 credits, Spring odd years)

*Note: MMG 833 or MMG 835 may be taken as an elective if not already selected to fulfill the requirement to take one of these courses (see Category I above).

IV. Complete one other elective course. Any 800/900-level course may fulfill this requirement including a course from List II or List III.

V. Complete four semesters of GEN 800, Genetics Seminar (1 credit each) during the four to five years of graduate study in the Genetics Program. Seminar courses from other departments may be acceptable at the discretion of the Genetics Program Director.

VI. The student’s Guidance Committee may require additional course work and/or students may elect to take additional optional courses